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Welcome to the Tourism Ireland Industry Opportunities website. This site provides the Island of Ireland Tourism Industry with 'always on' access to a range of worldwide promotional opportunities which you can find quickly and easily. If you need new ways to promote your business you'll find them here.
The best way to find the right opportunity for your business is to use the advanced search area at the top of the page. We keep the site updated with all the latest opportunities as they become available in each market. Click on the Events Calendar In the toolbar across the top of the page to search for each month’s trade and consumer shows and click through each entry for more detail. Click here to get a full overview of 2015 promotions.Why not register now? We'll send the latest opportunities directly to your Inbox.

Tourism Ireland overseas promotions are an excellent way of reaching the trade and consumers in our main markets, Tourism Ireland staff in the markets are very knowledgeable and in constant touch with trends and developments, organisation of the events is very professionally done and cost effective.
Helena Healy, B&B Ireland

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