Market Performance

2019 was a record year for overseas visitors from Canada to the island of Ireland, with the market continuing to perform strongly for the past number of years. Visitor numbers to the island of Ireland increased by +5.5%, totalling 283K+.  

Our major focus for 2022 is to stimulate demand through our global Green Button campaign, which has delivered 63M+ impressions across our advertising channels in Canada to date. 

As well as owned advertising, we collaborate with leading airlines and in-market travel trade partners on co-operative marketing activations throughout the year. Publicity and Influencer marketing also continue to be a big focus, and we are working closely with broadcast, print and online media partners, to generate high impact coverage that the island of Ireland is open for business.   

Why should you target this market?

In 2022 Canada will have stronger direct access than ever before – with direct connections from Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Halifax. Canadians are ready to travel and are an excellent source market to drive immediate bookings. Canada is the 5th strongest market for the island of Ireland in terms of holidaymaker revenue, with Canadian holidaymakers tending to stay longer and spend more.  Approximately 25% of all Canadian visitors visit Northern Ireland, making Canada the 9th largest source market to Northern Ireland. On average, Canadian holidaymakers stay on the island of Ireland for ten nights and typically spend €930 / £751 per trip. Canadians are highly likely to tour and to visit two or more regions on the island. They are also more likely to use a car during their trip than most other holidaymakers. Almost one-third of Canadians travel on escorted (organized) tours and they prefer to stay in hotels, but they also like guesthouses and B&B’s. 38% of Canadians have a connection to the island and have the highest number of ancestral links after the US. 

How to work with this market

Ireland has an abundance of experiences that appeal strongly to Canadian visitors – from world class ancient heritage and colourful contemporary history to the beautiful landscapes and density of experiences.   

The Canadian holidaymaker craves a break from routine, and while they want to see the “must-visit” areas and attractions, they also want to learn and try new things while connecting with Ireland’s ancient culture and heritage. With +4.5M Canadians claiming Irish heritage, there are also a lot of ancestral and cultural connections between the two countries, ready to be explored. 

Marketing Activity 

Please look out for opportunities to participate in Canada’s consumer activities throughout the year. You can work with us by providing content for social media, e-zines and even collaborate on competitions or giveaways. We look forward to hearing from you.  

Upcoming Activity

  • Sales Mission and Media Events 2022 (Feb 28 – March 03) - Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal  
  • West Coast Sales Mission (May 09- May 11) - Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria 
  • Webinar programme – 3 partners per monthly session.  

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Market contact: Sandra Moffatt