Great Britain

Great Britain

Market Performance 

The island of Ireland welcomed 4.8 million tourists from Great Britain in 2019 representing a 42% market share of all overseas visitors and generating revenue of €1.4/£1.3 billion. Of these visitors, Great Britain is also the largest source of Holidaymakers, accounting for almost 1/3 of the island of Irelands holidaymakers. This makes Great Britain the most important market in terms of tourists, holidaymakers and bed nights. 

Direct Air & Sea Access 

There are nine airports on the island of Ireland, with up to 6 airlines flying from up to 23 regional airports across Great Britain. In addition to air access, four sea carriers have daily access from six ports in Great Britain.  With unrivalled access, journey times starting from an hour, and benefitting from the Common Travel Area between the two, this makes the island of Ireland an ideal close to home choice for GB holidaymakers.  

Why should you target this market? 

The Great Britain market has seen significant growth over recent years. Not only does it deliver for holidaymakers but supports regionality and seasonality.  British holidaymakers see the island of Ireland as a year-round destination with 41% of GB holidaymakers travelling between October and March.  In addition, 6% of holidaymakers from Britain were born on the island of Ireland and more than half are on a repeat visit. When on a return visit, repeat holidaymakers are more likely to stay longer, spend more and venture beyond the cities into the regions, making them a valuable part of our tourism economy.  

In this competitive and challenging market in 2021, we will support you to promote your business, with the aim of encouraging and securing holiday bookings from this vital market. 

How to work with this market 

 We can work together with you to select the marketing opportunity that’s right for you to help attract, and grow your loyal customers from Great Britain, build ongoing relationships to unlock their lifetime value to return again and again. 

Our programme also includes valuable online Trade, Co-Operative Marketing Activity and Digital Consumer Partnership opportunities for you to sell your product to consumer segments.  In 2021 Tourism Ireland’s Green Button campaign will also continue to keep island of Ireland destination messaging at the forefront of GB consumers' minds. will also remain an attractive- free of charge platform available to highlight your great value offers. 

Upcoming Activity 

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Market contact: David Wood