Market Performance

2019 was an excellent year for overseas visitors from Spain with an estimated 420,000 visitors to the island of Ireland. The shoulder season was particularly strong with Q1 and Q4 delivering an increase of +10% and +11% respectively, versus the same period in 2018.  

Tourism Ireland Spain has been working hard to keep Ireland front of mind during 2020 through our social channels, with our #FYHWI campaign and other promotional activities. PR and Media continue to be a big focus for us, and we are working very closely with media, both traditional and online. We have also been actively working with Industry partners and continue to educate the travel trade with a series of webinars and other virtual events.  

Why should you target this market?

Spain is the 5th largest market into Ireland in terms of visitor numbers, and the 8th strongest market in terms of revenue. Spaniards have shown they continue to travel even during difficult economic times. The Spanish Culturally Curious visitor is younger than other markets, with only 10% over the age of 55.  Spanish holidaymakers are important visitors to the island of Ireland staying an average of 6 nights, and while many will visit Dublin, a significant proportion travel to the regions with 53% holidaying outside of Dublin. Recent research undertaken by Tourism Ireland shows us that when the time is right to travel, they will be looking for wide open spaces, breath-taking scenery, and getting away from it all, all of which the island of Ireland can offer in abundance. 30% of all Spanish holidaymakers are repeat visitors and they are very familiar and comfortable with travelling around the island.  

How to work with this market

Tourism Ireland Spain has a digital focus and benefits from  a warm audience of approximately 500K consumers across social media and email platforms. Our #FYHWI campaign is working particularly well, showcasing the wealth of the tourism Industry on the Island of Ireland through engaging and inspiring content. We are targeting media through a series of promotional activities, virtual events and interviews, are actively working with Industry partners and will continue to engage with the travel trade through a series of educational webinars and  virtual meetings.  

Social Campaigns

Tourism Irland Spain has been working hard to keep Ireland front of mind during 2020 through our social channels. We benefit from a warm audience of  500K + consumers across social media and email platforms.  Please look out for opportunities to participate in Spain’s  consumer activities throughout the year.  You can work with us by providing content for social media, e-zines and even collaborate on competitions. Video and images are working particularly well as part of the #FYHWI campaign, showcasing breath-taking scenery and incredible castles and monuments.  

Click here to view our complete market profile for Spain and here for our strategy card.

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Market contact: Susan Bolger