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Developing Markets

Developing markets

Visitors to the island of Ireland from the Developing Markets are increasing, on average, 10% year on year. Visitors from these markets stay significantly longer and have revenue spend per visitor of on average €954/£772 compared to average revenue per visitor of €492/£398.
The Developing Markets' young, educated population have rising income levels and a desire to explore and travel the world. Tourism Ireland actively promotes the Island of Ireland in China, India and the GCC. Through our Country Club Programme, sales missions, familiarisation trips, publicity, e-marketing and networking events you have the opportunity to work with the Developing Markets to:

  • Develop and strengthen your visibility within the Developing Markets.
  • Increase your business from these markets through building strong relationships with the travel trade.
  • Gain valuable face time with key travel trade decision makers across the Developing Markets.
  • Understand the cultural differences of doing business with Developing Markets.
Tourism Ireland Developing Markets
Market contact: Siobhan Naughton
Tel: +971 4813 7870