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Australia & New Zealand

Austalia & New Zealand

The island of Ireland has seen exceptional growth in visitors from Australia & New Zealand over the last number of years and there is potential for further continuous growth in the near future. Between 2010 and 2014 visitors from this market have increased by more than 40% and in 2016 welcomed over 204,000 Aussies and Kiwis to Ireland.

Over 47,500 arrivals from Australia, New Zealand and Other Oceania were recorded in the 3 months of ‘January-March 2017, reflecting an increase of +11.5% over the same period a year ago (CSO). 

Travellers from this market spend an average of thirteen nights on the island of Ireland; they tend to travel around two or more regions and spend more money as they go. In fact, these visitors are amongst the most valuable to the Irish tourist industry spending 50% more per trip than the average overseas visitor. Additionally, Australia is the 5th most important overseas market for tourism in Northern Ireland, with one in three holidaymakers from this market visiting the province. 
Visitors from Australia and New Zealand are knowledgeable, savvy and expect value for money rather than low prices. They are considered quite adventurous, seeking genuine and authentic encounters such as touring castles, witnessing our stunning landscapes and also getting to know the locals and the ‘craic’ of the local pub. They also have a vested interest in tracing their ancestry, with nearly 25% of Australians claiming some Irish heritage.

This is a market of considerable potential for Ireland over the coming years given that these high-spending visitors travel right throughout the year and enjoy exploring the length and breadth of the island of Ireland.
The increased number of one-stop flights (and increased capacity) via the Middle East has been a significant factor in the growth in visitor numbers from this market in recent years. Our three-year strategy for growth set out challenging and ambitious targets, and together with industry and travel trade partners we are building on making the island of Ireland an essential part of any European trip.
In market we undertake a mix of traditional print and digital marketing to reach key audiences as well as working closely with trade and industry on co-op campaigns. Our online communications are growing with Australia having over 54,000 fans actively engaged on Facebook and over 12,000 followers on Twitter to whom we can distribute appropriate information. Regular emails are also sent to our consumer, trade and media databases.
Every two years Tourism Ireland organises an extensive Sales Mission to Australia and New Zealand, the next one taking place in November 2018. This is an excellent opportunity for Industry partners to participate in our organised programme of media, trade partner and retail travel agent updates in major cities in both Australia and New Zealand.
Please be sure to check this website on a regular basis for the latest information and opportunities throughout the year.  If you have any questions please drop us a line, we are here to help! 

Tourism Ireland Australia
Market contact: Sofia Hansson
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