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Sustainable Business Promotion

Promote your sustainable tourism experience across Tourism Ireland’s Global Channels. Sustainability is increasingly important to the island’s overseas visitors. If sustainability is at the core of your business, then we would like to amplify your content for free  across our international marketing platforms.

How do we define Sustainable Tourism?  

Tourism Ireland has adopted the UNWTO definition of sustainable tourism, i.e.: 
“Tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities” 

Why be sustainable?

In short, it’s better for all of us. The benefits of becoming sustainable mean positive impacts for the long-term profitability of your business, the environment, and your local community. By consuming less resources and producing less waste you can decrease your overheads. By engaging with your local community through sourcing local supplies, your business can help keep local culture alive and give visitors an authentic experience. Get all this right and you can increase your potential to engage with  a growing international visitor market who want to travel as sustainably as possible.   

How does Tourism Ireland define a sustainable tourism provider?

Sustainable tourism providers aim towards building a better future for people & planet by minimising resource consumption, protecting and rebuilding the environment or educating and caring for employees and communities; all with the goal of building towards a better future. 

Primary selection criteria for Sustainable Tourism Providers 

  1. Has your business been certified by a third-party verifiable sustainability scheme?
  2. Are you on the way towards attaining a third-party verifiable certification in sustainability? 
  3. Have you won an award for your sustainable tourism efforts?  
Even if you are not certified, or have not won an award, but you are on the road to becoming sustainable by; being committed to supporting and protecting your local community and environment, you might still qualify  as a Sustainable Tourism Provider.
Regardless of where you are on the road to becoming certified, it is a must that you display your sustainable policies and practices on your website or social media channels.
We recognise that sustainable measures and initiatives may vary depending on the size and scale of your business. Examples of sustainable activities for a larger business could be a combination of reduction of water and waste, using locally sourced products and produce, helping with community education and perhaps  having staff actively participating in nature clean-ups, etc.

However, a single, one-man fishing tour activity provider opting to help clean up marine plastic using his boat could also be considered as sustainable. While he might not have any reduction in his use of electricity nor have any local products available to buy/sell - such a clean-up action (well-documented) is a clear step along the path to building a better future for his own business, the local community, and the environment.  

Please do remember that details of all sustainability actions and certificates must be logged on your website and/or social media channels for you to be considered for this industry opportunity. Otherwise, neither consumers nor Tourism Ireland will know of your great efforts. 

A certificate, or the intention of obtaining a certificate, is not an absolute requirement but it is encouraged where possible.  

The ask:

  1. Please provide us with information on how your business fits with one or more of the primary selection criteria, or how your business is on the road to becoming sustainable. Please keep this under 3,000 characters.
  2. Have your sustainability credentials, policy and/or actions listed on you website or social media.
  3. Please include a link to your social media channel(s) or website where you describe what sustainable efforts are being undertaken.

Please complete the form to be considered for this opportunity.  

We will use your email address to contact you in relation to this opportunity should you be selected. Your contact details will be held on our contact database and will be shared securely with our suppliers for content selection, your contact details will not appear on promotional content and all content to be used will be approved by you in advance.

For more information on how we handle your personal data please see our Privacy Policy.

The return

How will we promote your business?

Once you have fulfilled the selection criteria, our social media experts will  review your content to determine if it is suitable for promotional purposes. The content should feature your unique sustainability story/selling point(s). The content asset can be in the form of an image, album, video, reel, etc. The content asset provided will determine the placement, i.e., should it go to Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, podcasts or another channel.
Once we have identified the content and recommended the posting platform, we will share it with all Tourism Ireland market colleagues. They can select as relevant and appropriate for their in-market audiences and available channels. Your content may also be more widely used in; newsletters, press releases, press trip ideas, content and/ or included in paid advertising messaging.

All submissions are subject to editorial control and timing of activities will be aligned to Tourism Ireland Market campaign schedules.  Each Tourism Ireland market will determine if the post fits their market’s social media. We cannot guarantee submitted and approved content is pushed in every market.

For more information on how to communicate and market sustainability please see our Guides for communicating and marketing sustainability