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From: 09/12/2021 To: 09/12/2022


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What’s it all about?  

The Nordics have seen an uptake in new golfers since the start of the global pandemic as golf is seen as a safe socially distanced sport where you can enjoy the great outdoors and get a much-needed breath of fresh air. We would like to assist people in practicing their newfound hobby in during their much-wanted vacations abroad by promoting and highlighting beginners’ courses on the Island of Ireland.


To highlight beginners' courses on the island we will firstly be creating custom content on, e.g., “5 beginner golf courses on the island”, “5 of the most stunning, easy to play courses on the island”, “Great places to start playing links golf”, etc. Any pages created on may also be transcreated for other markets. These pages on will then  be pushed organically and with paid ads. This will be accompanied by influencer and publicity activity to further increase the awareness in the golfing market.

Golf in the Nordics  

In the Nordics, the last two years of the pandemic have set records for golf; most rounds played, most membership and most new players ever. 

  • In Sweden the amount of active golf players has grown by almost 100K (or 19% to about 505K total players), of these 31664 were first time players. 
  • The same goes for Denmark where 6233 new active members signed up in 2020 (154803 members in total). It is also estimated that on Sunday 25 of April 2021 (Golf’s Day in Denmark) an additional 2200 people signed up for a golf membership.  
  • Finland saw an increase of 5.7% from Sept 2019 to Sept 2020 from 140.228 to 148.190 golfers. 
  • Norway saw an increase of 16.6% in memberships in golf clubs associated with the Norwegian Golf Federation to 111 301 members.  


How do I get involved?  

Contact Maarit Karkkainen with a short description of your course and how it is suitable for beginner golfers and tourists. If you are chosen for a website feature on we will need beautiful high-quality images, where we have full usage rights, so we can potentially use the images on social media, videos, websites, e-zines, advertisements, etc. 

Tourism Ireland reserves the right to choose content that is market relevant.