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Advertise in Ireland magazine

The market book - Ireland magazine

Ireland magazine is an annual publication from Tourism Ireland. It acts as a key marketing tool for attracting visitors to the island of Ireland.

Using stunning photography and engaging articles, Ireland magazine aims to inspire readers to discover and visit the island of Ireland by showcasing its beauty, charm and unique appeal.

Ireland magazine is the main print publication for the promotion of the island of Ireland overseas, with distribution via our call centres, market offices, trade and consumer travel shows, and through travel agents and tour operators specialising in the island of Ireland as a holiday destination.

Every year, we print over half a million language-specific Ireland magazines, which we distribute in over 20 markets across the world. We also produce online versions of each magazine, featuring advertisements, to reach as wide an audience as possible.

Why should you be a part of Ireland magazine?

By advertising in Ireland magazine, you can connect directly with our target audience of sightseers and culture seekers in any one, or several, of our overseas markets. Our readership includes those with an established interest in Ireland, as well as those who want to be led on a journey of discovery and be shown what the country has to offer.

Ireland magazine will take them on this journey, increasing the profile of the island of Ireland overseas and expanding the reach of your advertisements.

How to get involved

Advertising rates vary depending on the size and position of the advertisement, the size of the market, and Ireland magazine print volume and distribution. Discounts are available for placing advertisements in multiple magazines.

Maxmedia Ireland Limited is Tourism Ireland's publishing partner for Ireland magazine. Maxmedia has a strong publishing background, with a dedicated editorial and design team committed to showcasing the best of the island of Ireland to the world.

Maxmedia would be delighted to talk to all tourism industry partners about how they can be featured most effectively in Ireland magazine for 2018. Please direct all advertising queries to their Commercial Manager on + 353 (0)1 202 5403 or email