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A guide to activities

Business Tourism
Attend B2B business tourism events and exhibitions and get your product included in BT e-zines.
Co-operative Marketing
Get involved in Co-Operative marketing campaigns across our markets, providing you with a platform to sell your product directly to consumers.
Direct & E-Marketing
Reach potential consumers through E-zine content sent to targeted consumer groups in each market.
In Market Consumer Events
Take part in our overseas events where you can network with buyers and potential visitors face to face about what really sets you apart.
Publicity Activities
Engage in overseas publicity activities such as press releases, media visits, competition prizes sponsorship and digital PR.
Social Media
Get involved in our range of social media packages offered in each of our markets on key platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
Trade Activities
Attend B2B workshops, exhibitions & missions or get included in trade e-zines, social pages & live webinars.
Website Listing
Showcase your business to overseas consumers in 23 markets with your listing on
Local Offers
Market specific offers that appear on individual market versions on to compliment local campaigns.
Global offers
Target international consumers by submitting your global offers for free to appear on our global site. All offers are translated into 5 different languages and run in conjunction with global campaigns.