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How We Can Help

A Guide to Activities

Get an overview of all the opportunities available to you with Tourism Ireland

Overseas Publicity

Publicity is part of an integrated communications brief which informs our advertising, PR, direct & e-marketing strategies. We liaise with 22,000+ international media

Social Media

The size of our social media audiences provides a really valuable platform for promoting the island of Ireland and a great promotional opportunity to promote your business to a worldwide audience

Have you a Story to Tell?

Send us your quirky story that we can send around the world via our trade, publicity and digital marketing colleagues

Industry tips

Check out the industry tips to ensure that you are up to date with all the resources available to you and that you are making the most of your products’ attributes in promoting your business overseas. listings and offers

Grow your international business by having your product listed and your offers displayed on, Tourism Ireland’s international consumer website with +23 million annual visits.